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Moral Injustice

Sometimes it is overwhelming to decide which moral injustice to fight against.

There are so many issues to combat on a daily basis. Speciesism, racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia pervade our daily lives. We are overwhelmed with hate-infested rhetoric being spewed from the mouths of extremists and hate speech is often considered normal.

As a spectator and a writer, it is exhausting how many issues pervade our daily lives. Moreover, as a participant it begs the question, how do I pick my preferred war?

Should I decide to picket on the frontlines with other animal rights activists? Do I solely educate myself on the racist incarceration of black people and aboriginals in the prison system? Do I march in pride? What kind of moral being should I decide to be?

The truth of the matter and the heart of every reform movement requires one central fundamental ---- don’t choose which specific type of hate is the most important to fight.

The inherent principle of choosing to battle speciesism over racism, or combat homophobia over protesting against islamophobia directly contradicts the purpose of any of these movements. People who fight against any hate movement are believers of the basic moral principles of inclusion, acceptance and freedom for all.

The true revolutionary takes into account how intersectional all of the “-isms” and “-phobias” really are. Rejecting a specific group of people based on their colour doesn’t differ greatly from a moralistic standpoint compared to rejecting a sentient being just for having fur.

Both racism and speciesism work to dominate over the perceived “other” to achieve power, status, a false sense of authority and uses ignorance and hatred as their main weapons.

Instead of choosing to combat one type of prejudice, make the decision to fight all types of hate by attacking the founding principles of false power.
Fight division with unification. Fight hate with love. Fight exclusion with acceptance of everyone regardless of species, race, gender, ethnicity, or religion.

Moral uprightness in the animal rights community necessitates a firm commitment to fighting all types of hate. Acting with moral integrity across all fronts demonstrates consistency, which is essential for an activist to be credible. If you stand for one injustice but support another, it will harm your standing as a strong and focused activist so avoid that at all costs.

It is only through the acceptance of all animals and people that we can win the biggest fight of all ---- to co-exist peacefully as truly moral and sentient beings.